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By Making payment or by keeping a vessel of any kind on any HWF mooring for any period of time each mooring holder agrees to accept these terms and conditions. 


Mooring term is for 1 year, from 1st December to 30th November unless otherwise stated. The rolling contract is annually until notice is received in writing a minimum of ONE MONTH BEFORE the end of the hire period. If Notice is not given within this timescale the contract will be binding for annual renewal. Vessels on short term rental will be charged in accordance with the HRHA daily charges unless otherwise stated.


STRICTLY NO REFUNDS are given if the mooring is vacated during the hire period. The site may be sub let for any outstanding  hire period with mutual consent from HWF.


All accounts, including yard work, to be paid in full within 14 days of invoice unless agreed by HWF.  Any vessel with outstanding fees, of any kind or value, will be impounded until such times as the bill/s are paid in full.  (Impoundment charges apply).  Vessels can be sold to recover outstanding debt.


All vessels and contents are moored at the boat owner’s own risk. The boat owner must provide third party boat insurance for at least 1 million pounds for the entire duration of the let. HWF cannot be held responsible for damage caused to leasers vessels, particularly during adverse or extreme weather and tidal conditions.


All activities undertaken on the Hamble-Warsash ferry premises are done so at the mooring holders own risk.


No boat to be sold advertised or transferred with mooring or with outstanding accounts, unless otherwise agreed with Hamble-Warsash Ferry in writing.


Owners must notify Hamble-Warsash Ferry if the boat is sold and a replacement is to go on same mooring.


No mooring to be transferred or sub let by leaser unless agreed by Hamble-Warsash Ferry.


The leaser must inform HWF if moorings lines are cut or damaged during the hire period. Replacement lines may only be fitted by HWF staff. Leasers will be charged accordingly.  Pick up lines MUST be left on the deck of moored vessels, not in the river and when possible moor the vessel facing upstream.


Hamble-Warsash Ferry must agree any modification made to the mooring, any additional tackle or lines must be supplied and fitted by Hamble-Warsash Ferry.


Boats may be boarded or moved by Hamble-Warsash Ferry personnel at any time if deemed necessary.


Boats may be transferred to an alternative mooring by Hamble-Warsash Ferry personnel if deemed necessary.


For security reasons Hamble-Warsash Ferry should be notified if the boat is to be absent from the mooring for periods of more than one week.


Hamble-Warsash Ferry may use moorings, which are not in use or vacated early.


Hamble-Warash Ferry reserve the right to cancel this contract at any given time without reason, one weeks notice will be given.  Credit for unused mooring period will be refunded. Administration fees may be charged.


Strictly NO PARKING in the Hamble-Warsash Ferry yard area except for loading and unloading.

Failure to comply with the afore mentioned terms and conditions of business may result in the termination of the contract

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